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Welcome to Have Your Magic Healing & Hypnotherapy, offering hypnotherapy session, past life regression session, energy healing, corporate wellness events, gong bath, reiki, learn reiki workshop, self development and spiritual development coaching to help you to achieve your goals, overcome past trauma and clear limitations from your life so you can realise your potential.
Healing Session, Hypnotherapy session, Reiki session, Gong Baths London, Corporate Wellness, Access Bars, Access Energetic Facelift, Performance Coaching
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Step into your full power!

I intuitively integrate safe effective methods to best help you

You may also be drawn to a specific way of working together.

 Be in touch after being inspired below:



Break free from limitations

In a 90min session, with the help of your subconscious mind hypnotherapy can effectively resolve a variety of issues. Be less controlled by subconscious hijacking and free to consciously create the life you want!  Also available for Relaxation in Group Wellbeing Sessions.




*Improve Confidence and Self Esteem.

*Break habits and compulsive tendancies easily

*Resolve past traumas. Overcome anxieties, and fears.

*Enhance Performance and Learning.



My experience with ‘Regression Therapy’ was exceptional. Nicole was reassuring and consummately professional.  I always shied away from deeper treatments, but this form of hypnosis has been truly liberating, healing past concerns/conflicts, allowing me to progress on a new path, uncluttered for my  future.” -Alex


“Nicole took the time to understand my lifestyle, profession and most importantly my emotional attachment to what had become a longterm ritual. After one hypnotherapy session I left a Non Smoker. I just don’t really think about it anymore.” -Donna


Relax! De-clutter your mind for positive change.

A 90 mins session to recover your calm, releasing electromagnetic charge of blocks. To be open to receiving more of what you want in life




*Immense relaxation, reduce feelings of overwhelm or worry, 

*Helps clear self judgement, and limiting beliefs.

*Emerge with greater clarity and feeling lighter

*Enjoy noticing more opportunities and synchronicity.



“I had a wonderful Access Bars session with Nicole that made me deeply relaxed and clear minded after a hectic few weeks at work had left me stressed out and drained. Highly recommended.” – Scott


“After the session I felt relaxed with more clarity about the future and how I was going to deal with it. I highly recommend Nicole, she has a lovely gentle nature and a voice to sooth even the most highly strung person.” – Jennifer

heal the past


Excellent for PTSD & Traumatic Memories

Effective Change Work. Free initial consultation to determine session length. Enjoy a safe space to re-frame traumatic memories, clearing the emotional response using eye movements, and deep breathing. 




*IEMT – Integrated Eye Movement Therapy is the latest technique following EMDR; used in the NHS

*Effective for abuse or trauma. Effective in helping children for a better future.

*It works fast with your mind’s ability to re-frame past experiences

*Breaks patterns to stop distorting your future responses. freeing you up to live a happier life



“My daughter who was feeling suicidal after a sexual assault.  Nicole helped her with such sensitivity and understanding, made her feel safe and calm. She used IEMT, and sound healing. She explained what she was going to do, without asking her to give uncomfortable details and from one healing session my daughter lightened, for the first time she slept deeply through the night and she started smiling again.”-  Liz


Banish Nerves & Be Magnetic

In a 60/90 minute session with effective techniques we can work on mindset, goals and clear deep rooted low self-esteem. I understand the challenges of a performer inside out after years of working in Film /TV production and as an actress, VO and presenter, including having performed a one woman comedy show.




*Build confidence and self esteem to feel stronger.

*Learn lines easier. Conquer nerves.

*Learn  how to be in your power thus more magnetic to watch

*Learn techniques for breath, voice support and to manage your energy, keeping you tip top and ready to rock

*Clients have had breakthroughs in their strike rate.



“After my confidence session I even felt bigger! I went to an event and people kept asking my mate who I was, I then booked my first TV job! Wow!” – Z



Relax & Rebalance

Reiki is a lovely relaxing hands-on treatment for 60 /90 mins, Reiki treats the whole being.




*Rebalances each chakra allowing optimal energy flow.

*Feels soothing and warm as I place my hands over each of your chakras and the energy flows to clear blockages

*A wonderful, safe way for pregnant ladies to relax alleviating physical strain and relieving swollen limbs.




“Highly recommended. I felt so much better after Nicole’s Reiki sessions.” – Irene



Reiki is a wonderful step along one’s own journey of self development, and self healing.  I am qualified to teach Reiki,  my Lineage is Dr Usui. I’ve been a Reiki Master since 2003.


Private & Corporate Wellbeing Events

Sound Healing used for centuries is now recognised by science.  In a Gong Bath your body systems and brain waves slow down into deep states of relaxation and healing. Proven to balance the over-stressed sympathetic nervous system.




*Received comfortably lying down, the mind can switch off as your body de-stresses, soaking up glorious sound waves. Test even show improvements to blood quality after just 20 mins.

*You may just find yourself blissed out as if floating in space and enjoy a very sound night’s sleep!

*Available for groups as Pamper Party group home visits and Corporate Wellbeing Events.  Happy clients include SOHO HOUSE.

*I explain and gave a taster of gong magic on BBC Radio London’s “The Scene.”   Listen here:




“The gong bath was amazing! I have intermittent insomnia and I found that this completely calmed my mind and in a relaxed and positive frame of mind. I would thoroughly recommend this especially for anyone like me who gets anxious or has trouble sleeping.” Conor


For the monthly Gong Bath in Primrose Hill see Events

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