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What is Sound healing? How sound healing works, what happens in a gong bath, how to cope with stress, what is a mantra?
What is sound healing, what is a gong bath, how to cope with stress, wellbeing tips, relaxation, what is a mantra?, crystal singing bowls
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How Sound Healing Can Help You Every Day

sound healing

How Sound Healing Can Help You Every Day

I offer Gong Baths as Wellbeing Events on top of bespoke individual sessions offering Hypnotherapy, IEMT, Healing and teaching energy management to help you be happier. Sound Healing is both so very effective at activating the parasympathetic nervous system promoting the release of tension throughout your being, and so very pleasurable.

I’m passionate about sharing this modern medicine, so was delighted to be interviewed on the BBC Radio London show #The Scene by Jasmine Dotiwala. Watch here

My gift to you is a sample 25 minute guided relaxation Sound healing Session

I run weekly 1 hr sessions Wednesdays 7.40-8.45pm UK time to book see events

To download  the session  click here! Enjoy and learn more about sound healing below.

Stress Levels On The Rise 

Anxiety and depression levels are higher than ever as work pressure increases with email mountains and people become so disconnected from themselves, each other and nature in being slaves to / addicted to digital devices – modern day life blood that can offer so many helpful benefits and yet be the root of misery.  More information is also available on embracing Yoga, exercise, meditation and nutritional ways to feel better instead of adding to stress chemicals in the body with cigarettes, caffeine or alcohol.

How Sound Healing Helps

Sound Healing Pioneer Jonathan Goldman noted –  “Frequency + Intention = Sound Healing. We talk about vibes because everything is vibrating!Sound Healing is so helpful as it uses particular frequencies proven to facilitate the deepening of brain wave states from busy ‘beta’, more meditative ‘alpha,’ healing ‘theta’ and even deeply ‘delta.’  As the sound enters the body via the vagus nerve, this relaxation invites slower deeper breathing and by the process of entrainment the body systems can slow down and release tension.  As the water content in humans is so high the sound conducts through the body very well.

Benefits of A Gong Bath

I love offering Gong Baths as it can quickly bypass mental chatter, leaving you to soak up the rich resonance of sound produced by the Gongs with rich layers of primal and yet almost cosmic waves. This can take you on a journey and restores you to a state of harmony. Also inspiration can come and healing can occur.

Tests in Australia showed the improvement of blood quality 20 mins into a gong bath. My clients have reported –  anxiety sufferers and insomniacs relaxing more deeply than they remembered then sleeping soundly, receiving inspiration about next steps in challenging work dilemmas, trapped nerves releasing, even kidney stones passing with ease.

Other Sound Healing Methods

Everything is vibration and there are dissonant frequencies for us and more resonant frequencies for us, so it about finding what you like. Sound Healing is also beautiful and effective with Crystal / Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks and Didgeridoos. I have a few more instruments that I love playing for individuals too – Crystal Pyramids and Tuning Forks and gentle chimes, as they are enchanting. I would like to mention the power of drumming – ancient and suffused with ancestral power as the Gong.  Shamanic journeys – of which I have done loads in groups and it is a fabulously powerful way to find some inner wisdom /resolution, meet your guides and so on. Let us not forget the healing power of the human voice.

The Healing Power of the Human Voice & What you Can Do For Yourself 

I recall reading an incredible story of monks who became ill after their chanting slot was taken away and everything was tried. When the chanting was re-instated their good health soon returned. When you’re in pain and make sound it helps! See what happens next time you have an ‘ouch’ moment and you try and keep quiet!  For some it was easy to ‘whistle while you work’ whilst that may not be so easy for everyone, research now shows humming – slows breathing, expels negative thoughts, lowers blood pressure and so helps with anxiety. Try it: Take a deep breath and on the exhale make an ‘mmmmmm’ – smile and repeat, simples! Whether it is singing in your bedroom, in church or attending group chanting this is a wonderful release and boosts your mood and immunity.

Tuning Your System Up With Sound – Mantras

If you find meditation difficult and still want a daily practice mantras can make this easier as it gives your mind a job! A Mantra is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that is considered capable of “creating transformation.” The Sanskrit word mantra consists of the root ‘man’ – meaning  “to think”  and the suffix -‘tra’, meaning “tools or instruments” translating to “instrument of thought.”

I really recommend using either the vowel sounds or seed mantras that correspond to the main energy centres or chakras. (More in my blog on Chakras) It is nice to put one hand on each energy centre and really notice how you feel and repeat each one 7 times sending the sound to that chakra. MC Yogi has a bijas track with just one repetition.

I’ve recently been studying in depth the chakras and how they can affect health and behaviour whether depleted/overactive. Focusing on them daily can really help you tune yourself up. Yoga is moving energy and allowing more flow through the different centres of the body, which also tunes your system up (and a whole lot more).

Much more can be discussed about sacred mantras although I will mention:  Om – known  the original ‘mantra’, a primordial sound—the mantra of creation, Ahh -generates compassion and Huu– the highest vibration – omnipresent. These are particularly effective for working with a group wiht strong intention in order to create and then project sacred sound for use to assist in planetary healing (more on this below).

We live in a crazy, hectic yet so so fortunate time in terms of what resources we have access to in terms of self help online and in person, all across London even in community centres and out to the provinces and worldwide so many events are being offered to support everyone who can find them, make it there, enjoy them and maybe even make a friend.  Remember ‘your vibe attracts your tribe!’  However hard things may be, change is a given, and there’s always a choice of a happier thought even if it is simply that you’re still breathing. I’m here to help via Zoom/Skype and for sessions in London.

Remember YouTube is full of hours of healing frequency music, many mediation apps are widely available, and I’ll be developing an app soon fusing sound healing, ASDR and hypnosis – so please subscribe to the newsletter to stay tuned.

Ever Wondered How You Can Help The Planet?

If your’e in London and want to use your voice to make a difference please contact me as I’m looking to start a group in central London which will be like this: For 3 years I was part of a weekly sound healing / vocal toning group where we focused on sending healing out the planet, supported by light beings.  This was for a range of topics: war zones,  for the earth who felt raped because of fracking, for animals abused and not thanked for their flesh or fur, gratitude to our ancestors etc – as guided.  I’m setting one up now and would love to hear from you. haveyourmagic@gmail.com.

From anywhere in the world there’s a way you can contribute online – check into Sound Healing Pioneer Jonathan Goldman’s site: http://www.templeofsacredsound.com/

Thanks for reading. Be kind to you.

Nicole x