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Hypnotherapy NW London, Gong Bath London, Past Life Regression.
Hypnotherapy NW London, Gong Bath London, Past Life Regression.
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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

 Stop Smoking Hypnosis London – Available For You. Here’s How it works!

Wearing masks deprives the body of vital oxygen – you really cannot afford to compromise healthy breathing and a healthy body further with smoking at this time.

Many of my clients have used Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Sessions in London.  It is most effective when you are  really motivated to stop smoking. If you are at least 8/10 motivated and if you aren’t mixing tobacco to smoke ‘recreationally’ I am delighted to help you.  I can also offer a session to help reinforce the motivation for your top smoking hypnosis London session.

The Battle of Using Willpower Alone

Many have broken addictions using willpower alone.

What many report is the continued ‘temptation’ factor – for example after a few drinks – that old association creeps back and you may think “Ah I’ll just have one” and uh-oh you just awakened the hungry ‘nicotine monster’ who will always nag you for another feed! Then you feel like a failure and shame yourself and have to start over. Hypnotherapy can help you at a deeper level and free you from this stressful ‘fight with yourself.

Why Hypnotherapy is effective for Smoking Cessation.

Addictions especially smoking are so multi layered. If it has been a habit for years there are so many associations with smoking. Imagine the web of multiple occasions through a day/ night you may have reached for a cigarette:-

As a reason to justify having a break from work, out of boredom, something to do with your hands if you’re waiting / nervous, to fit in, to banish hunger, to wake up, to calm down.

These are all now programmed into your subconscious which governs bodily functions and habitual behaviour.

Hypnotherapy is a very relaxing, effective way for you to understand your inner drivers and just like we upgrade our software, hypnotherapy can successfully upgrade, reframe and re-programme old beliefs or habits that no longer serve us and support us make positive changes in our lives.

The subconscious mind is our inner ‘power house’ and records everything –it favours the familiar, and can be open to receiving new ideas as we relax, allow the mind chatter to subside and our brain wave states deepen to alpha and theta. Together we can find out when you decided to smoke whatever it may be e.g.to look cool as a teen then switch that decision off.

We can re-programme that need to smoke as a ‘good thing’ or coping mechanism – in its ‘delusion’ and introduce the ‘reality’ that it is poisonous, harmful and disgusting clearing temptation!

We can rehearse saying “No Thank you” to cigarettes so it is an easy choice and you are then free from that ‘devil’ on your shoulder whispering “just one then” as you have now shifted your beliefs at a fundamental level in line with your new choice to have better health fresher breath, a whiter smile, more energy and even moods wihtout the need for patches, gum,  or vaping!


Reinforcing your decision

Working together to create the wording to suit your needs I set you up with a resource tool you will have for life – an anchor – often used in NLP. At your fingertips (literally) an easy tool to help you in testing moments with confidence and a ‘I got this’ feeling. This will root you in the inner strength that you have the resources within beautiful you to handle any situation (without the ‘crutch’ of a cigarette.)

Post Session Support

The subconscious mind loves repetition and I record a relaxing 25 min supporting mp3 infused with binaural beats to reinforce this new outlook and for your amazing new healthy lifestyle.

One session has proven for my clients to stop who are motivated to stop. If there are factors and associations form things perhaps you haven’t share or have forgotten in your life there may be another layer to look at to set you free.


Celebrity Manager Donna Rooney says after her Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Session in London:-

“Nicole took the time to understand my lifestyle, profession and most importantly my emotional attachment to what had become a long-term ritual. After one stop smoking hypnotherapy session I left a Non Smoker. I just don’t really think about it anymore. With my profession, people smoking is common so it’s great that it there’s no temptation anymore but more importantly I don’t have an adverse reaction to it either (I didn’t want to be preachy.) When I see others smoking it is strange because I think ‘I used to do that’ which reaffirms that I have detached from something that used to be my crutch.  Feeling better physically, emotionally and mentally. THANK YOU!”

Smoking facts

  • Two thirds (66%) of smokers have their first cigarette of the day within one hour of waking up.
  • It is estimated that globally 890,000 deaths a year are caused by second hand smoke.
  • Smokers under 40 have a five times greater risk of a heart attack than non-smokers.
  • Nearly 50 per cent of all smokers die prematurely due to smoking-related diseases.
  • In the UK, it is estimated only half of long-term smokers live past the age of 70.

Why stop smoking?

Smoking increases the risk of developing a wide range of health ailments and diseases. It can also have a negative impact on the people around them. Children and babies, for example become vulnerable to many smoking-related health problems, such as COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and increased risk of cot death

Smoking-related illnesses include:

  • Heart disease – The UK’s ‘biggest killer’. Nearly one in six cases are smoking-related.
  • Lung cancer – More than eight in 10 cases of lung cancer are directly related to smoking.
  • Infertility – Smoking affects the fertility of men and women, making it difficult to conceive.
  • Gum disease – As well as staining, smoking can cause premature tooth loss due to gum disease.

Other cancers – This includes mouth, throat, nose, blood, cervical and pancreatic cancer. Adults who’ve endured passive smoking long term have an increased risk of heart disease and lung cancer. Smoking can make conditions such as asthma worse as tobacco is also an irritant.

Nicotine – This drug causes the addiction. If a person is a regular smoke they may experience withdrawal symptoms including intense cravings, increased anxiety, irritability and headaches.

Tar contains over 4000 chemicals, over 50 cancer-causing carcinogens and other poisons.

Carbon monoxide –smoking prevents the body from getting the oxygen it needs resulting shortness of breath, poor circulation, low energy levels and poor circulation.


The effect of premature ageing and dull skin is reversed as the skin begins to receive the nutrients it needs. Whiter teeth as smoking stains teeth, the body can recover and health improves, you’ll have more energy as carbon monoxide levels in the blood drop

Less stress –as the chains of enslavement are broken to the nicotine and the stress response that creates. Improving the health of those around you.

Improved immune system weakens immune system. This makes the body more susceptible to colds and flu. Quitting allows the immune system to remain healthy.

More money – How will you reward yourself with what you’ve saved?

The average cost of a 20-pack of cigarettes is £9.91. If a person is smoking 20 cigarettes a day for 10 years, they will have spent over £35,000. Quitting smoking could mean you are nearly £300.00 richer every month. Whoop!

Sessions last around 2.5 hrs and the cost including the follow up supportive recording is £

I look forward to helping you step into a healthier happier you with a Stop Smoking Hypnosis London Session.

Contact me first for a free pre-session chat to answer any questions.

Telephone 07798524836

Email haveyourmagic@gmail.com