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Hypnotherapy NW London, Gong Bath London, Past Life Regression.
Hypnotherapy NW London, Gong Bath London, Past Life Regression.
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Read More About Magnetic Mind Method

Read More About Magnetic Mind Method

Magnetic Mind Method is the revolution that is sweeping the self development world.   Now certified by Chris Duncan as a Magnetic Mind Coach  – Nicole Harvey founder of @HaveYourmagic is delighted to share this work which is rooted in Universal Laws, Hermetic / Alchemical Principles and the latest Quantum Re-programming proven by Neuroscience.

For dynamic, inspired-souls ready to step out of the endless Problem Solving Reality, stop self sabotage and re-orient into living in a Creative Structure to finally manifest your desires including:-

-More harmonious relationships,
-Living your true nature and purpose,
-Feeling happier now and living a life you love!
-Being able to access your Superconscious Genius intuition.

Join for a taster session on Mondays through till end of April March

 7-8.30pm Uk time, 11am Pacific

Register here https://bit.ly/2PcRLUJ

Read More About Nicole and Magnetic Mind Method here

If you’ve tried ‘all the things’ and recognize being stuck in the pendulum swing feeling like you need to fix yourself or feeling two steps forward and two steps back in creating what you truly desire. If you know there’s old unconscious programming in the way and wonder when the fixing yourself will end – stop and join to see how we’ve been ‘set up ‘ in a the problem solving reality.

Discover what resistance is made of, how we have active and dormant experiences, the different memories we all have and how to get into the Structure of Creation and how to experience the magical Wizard’s Gate…

In this taster session Nicole will show you the 5 Steps to Creating Your Desires and you’ll experience a profound group Rapid Recode™ session working with the Superconscious to clear some of the resistance that’s blocking you river of desire to Live The Life You Love.

“I joined this amazing lady for a group session…I loved the way she was able to be so intuitive to what was required for the group to shift, and I was very moved as I felt she tapped into things that were relevant for me. If you’re looking to change your life…I highly recommend the lovely, gentle, angelic Nicole.” Thank you Lisa Coulson

Chris Duncan Demonstrates  – The Rapid Recode Here for 2 women previously afraid to be Public Speaking to overcome this in minutes! :-  https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=XgO6H5H2bgc&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR2myeRcpJjYIJboz-zDAww-JS-Acdh8C9kl2CniUbLYtp9j1FFCvwr-Ox4