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Past Life Regression Therapy in London.

Safely I help you be free from mysterious pains, patterns and fears. 

I look forward to helping you step into a happier you. 

Free to create a life you love with a past life regression session in London.

Sessions last around 2 hrs. 


 After One Past Life Hypnotherapy Session in London:-

 Vanessa van Mildert  says:

“Nicole made me feel really safe and after one regression session I feel the ease of the freedom from past entanglements that were causing me anxiety and sadness. Things make much more sense. I feel calmer and reassured about my life purpose, my true self and the magic of the Universe!  



  The Sessions I do for Past Life Regression in London offer liberation from anxieties or volatile dynamics in relationships or the things that puzzle you  or that feel unresolved despite your current efforts.

Physical and emotional pain can be released and you can update your beliefs, cancel old vows and contracts that may be playing out.

Be free to:-

Magnetise in more of what you love.

Feel more ease and a sense of purpose.

Gain more clarity, peace and trust.

Past Life Regression London – Available For You. Here’s How it works!

Hypnotherapy is a very relaxing, effective way for you to understand your inner drivers and just like we upgrade our software, hypnotherapy can successfully upgrade, reframe and re-programme old beliefs or habits that no longer serve us and support us make positive changes in our lives.

The subconscious mind is our inner ‘power house’ and records everything –it favours the familiar, and can be open to receiving new ideas as we relax, allow the mind chatter to subside and our brain wave states deepen to alpha and theta.

Working together in a Past Life Regression Session we can get to the bottom and resolve for example:-

Is there someone who makes you feel distressed or a repeat pattern that’s playing out? I relationship you can’t draw a line under?

Together we can find out when and why beliefs/fears/mistrust etc formed and what has caused views of people, things, activities and places. Even the reason for mysterious physical pain. 

I have gone back myself to past lifetimes almost every Century in past life regression sessions and noticed immense relief from things that didn’t make sense!  I am very adept and making you feel very safe. 

What makes for a powerful beneficial shift for you  in a past life regression session is getting the information, sending the healing back and any forgiveness required.  You can choose how to view, floating above the scene to get the higher perspective, placing it on a movie scene.

 I work closely with Archangel Michael who also makes you feel very safe and can send golden light back down the timeline, clear  any tying  threads emotionally/mentally/physically and send anything to the light where necessary.  We will also check for any vows that have been made that aren’t serving you in this life time.  (Can you imagine ‘never loving another’ , refusing to accept money, celibacy, all sorts of promises that could be unawares having disastrous blocking effects in this current life!

Past Life regression As A Resource

There can be resources made available to you as we can ask your subconscious mind to support you in remembering how to feel a certain way e.g. feeling wealthy, or improve on certain skills e.g. psychic and intuitive gifts.


Is there a historical era that you feel an affinity to – the  architectural style, clothes, art etc. Do you have talents that you haven’t had to work at / aptitudes for foreign languages? 

What always fascinates me upon the many journeys I have undertaken and led  is the richness of the human experience collected in playing many different roles, in many different circumstances and environments and the ‘interchangeable members of the cast’ in each story played out by the members of a soul family! When you feel like you’ve been to a place before or known someone for a really long time – you probably have 😉 

Sessions last around 2 hrs 

I look forward to helping you step into a happier you with a Past Life Regression London Session.

Contact me first for a free pre-session chat to answer any questions.

Telephone 07798524836