Hypnotherapy NW London, Gong Bath London, Past Life Regression.
Hypnotherapy NW London, Gong Bath London, Past Life Regression.
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Let’s celebrate finally clearing these old obstacles in your river of desire. 

 You Empowered. Imagination unleashed creating your reality. 

Forward focused, fearless and committed to take action.

Isn’t it high time for you to shine? 

Magnetic Mind Coaching in London and Online

Working with The Superconscious Is Next Level Brilliance.

Quantum Re-Programming  Backed by Neuroscience. 

Clear All That Held You Back In All Areas.

Re- orientate you into a Creative Structure.

Finally Manifest What You Do Want!


With The Revolutionary Rapid Recode™

  Quickly You’ll Enjoy Powerful Shifts. Brain recodes in minutes!



Watch my mentor in the video below and be wowed:-

hypnotherapy in london uk

*Living A Life You Love*


Discover what it is you truly want from your Heart. 

Give yourself permission to Day Dream.

Imagining what your Desires feel like.

We clear any old disappointments or fears.

All that made you say no or not do.

Now you can commit to take action and find

 Dreams Really Can Come True.

hypnotherapy in london uk

*The Predominant Force in Your Life*


Clear past programming, even ancestral trauma.

 Gently The Rapid Recode™ can heal.

Without sharing, revisiting nor regression

Freeing you to step out of  Victimhood.

Gain Strength and Confidence.

Accept you are a  Creator.

Is it finally time to Choose What You Want?

hypnotherapy in london uk

*Living Your True Nature and Purpose*


Unwrap the layers that covered your brightness

Get clarity about the gifts you offer the world.

In Touch with your Heart Song

Receive more of your Guiding Intuition.

Understand what fulfils you and Live It!

hypnotherapy in london uk

*Full of Health and Vitality*


Feel resilience and claim back your power.

Learn to manage your energy systems and truly ground.

 The Rapid Recode™ can treat the whole body.

It can unblock chakras, re-set default ‘fight or flight’. 

Allowing for more ease, optimum energy flow and vitality.

hypnotherapy in london uk

*Resourced For Life’s Bumps*  


 Let me help you clear triggered emotions and be able to respond more gracefully to life’s events as your adult self.

Taking things less personally.   

Anchor in helpful positive feelings with NLP.

Learn Self soothing / De-Stressing Tools to keep you centred.

Powerful Meditations for  Calm, Gratitude and Inspiration. 


hypnotherapy in london uk

*Happy in Your Now! Create Your Legacy!*


  You’ll be guided into becoming your new identity.

Live it now, understanding the power of Choosing

 In alignment with creating more of what you love.

Accept your ‘current location’ with a clear map of chosen steps.

No resistance and taking action means momentum

For The Legacy You Are Now Free To Build.



October 20th and 27th 10pm 

Email haveyourmagic@gmail.com with selected date. 







    I highly recommend regular coaching and Superconscious Rapid Recode Sessions with Nicole. Her reassuring energy,voice and mastery has you feeling worry free as she takes the helm and works superconsciously to clear your chosen path to the life you’ve always wanted.  The whole experience is that of a dream and Nicole is the dream master. I felt emotions come and go, sensations come and go, and thoughts come and go. She moves energy and blocks, and does so much of the heavy lifting that you don’t even need to know what was holding you back.  I was left feeling lighter and energised – unencumbered, ready to tackle what’s next for me. I was empowered and my mental pressures, emotional stressors, and physical complaints were either gone or irrelevant by the end of the session. What Nicole does is surprisingly easy and gentle; but make no mistake, it is truly the most powerful healing experience I have ever encountered. Thank you.”  Sara

    “I have had the privilege of A couple of The Rapid Recode™Sessions.  – A Truly Life Changing Experience and I would recommend it To anyone.  This Process Is So light and Easy. As you give her Permission to connect to  your Superconscious Field is when the magic begins:   Painful Thoughts, Beliefs as well as Emotion, from your timeline are Eased out of your experience.  You have nothing to loose but Much To Gain, More joy and peace as well as an understanding of Your Reality.  Thank you Nicole, it’s an Honour to work with you.”  Elizabeth

    “Nicole is an amazing human being with a gift for helping people. She is caring and made me feel very safe while working with her. She is a very multifaceted healer with great intuition. Magnetic Mind Coaching processes were enjoyable and so powerful! She has helped me to leave unwanted emotions and unhelpful beliefs in the past and helped me to move forwards with my life, and helped me maintain focus on creating a life that I love. I recommend Nicole to anyone who wants to experience a massive shift in their life.”  Patrick

    “I love Nicole’s Recodes. Her elegant,  joyful presence   and joyful sense of humour brings light and a star-like essence to her sessions;  I can feel real shifts and new connections forming within myself. When I journey with her, my dreams become visions that wake up my senses and emotions. I feel clarity, a sense of groundedness, and aliveness as my thoughts turn into a real sense of reality. Afterwards, I feel myself being able to step forward into my life with ease, flow, and joy in my heart, knowing that it’s all unfolding at the right time for me as it is right now. I would highly recommend jumping in the circle with her, stepping in and joining her on the path of wisdom, to choose your experience in pure magic with a knowing that her gift can help you turn your dreams into reality.  Rebecca 

    Magnetic Mind Group Coaching Weekly Starts Tuesday 12th October


    Sign up here cancel anytime x