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Hypnotherapy NW London, Gong Bath London, Past Life Regression.
Hypnotherapy NW London, Gong Bath London, Past Life Regression.
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Learn Reiki

Learn Reiki

A beautiful experience teaching Reiki this weekend.

My student was moved to tears as he is now gratefully able to offer himself huge relief from the regular discomfort of Crohn’s disease without medication.

The other benefits are being able maintain balanced energy flow, for improved well-being and now after the symbolic 21 day self healing period to really experience and feel this shift in energy  he’ll be confident to offer it to others around him – people, even pets and plants as it works on anything alive!

A truly powerful step to take on one’s journey of self healing, healing and living with more love. I became a Reiki Master in 2003 and have always enjoyed giving and receiving Reiki – particularly the peace it brings and sense of being more in flow and in tune with life.

Japanese in origin Reiki is an easy to learn hands on healing treatment, designed to bring balance to the whole system.  Rei means universal Ki – Life force.  It works on the physical, emotional and etheric bodies and releases blocks in energy that lead to unease or disease. To give it one becomes totally aware of the love we are all made of and to gift oneself with a dose of nurture and feel warmth and calm, plus pain relief and instant first aid is such a blessing in our fast paced digital age.

I welcome your enquiry to bring your innate healing potential into bloom and receive the gift that Reiki is for your life and those around you. Learning Reiki is easy and a wonderful way to share a beautiful journey with friends or even make new ones.

The Reiki principles in the quote below are a revised more empowering, less prescriptive version of the original.  The essence of them just as pertinent and relevant today, don’t you think?

I find ways to release anger safely.
I breathe out my worries.
I’m grateful for my many blessings.
I live with honesty and integrity.
I’m gentle with all beings including myself.