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I look forward to helping you step into a stronger happier you with a


Sessions last around 2.5 hrs. Price is £161


Jodie says:

“Nicole has done some really deep and very important work with me – she has enabled me to unlock the puzzles of my life experiences and patterns, and therefore helped me to make sense of things that I didn’t see before, whilst clearing the trauma.This has set me free from limiting thought patterns and behaviours. From the first time we met I felt completely at ease and safe in her presence to speak about things in detail I had never done before, this was very freeing and empowering – I thank her very much for helping me to heal.”


  This powerful work lead to harmony and being able to move forwards in life with more inner strength and less triggering as wounded inner child parts receive healing and can be reintegrated.

 Gain resilience self esteem. Feel more confident and decisive as you hear and trust your intuition more, Learn de-stressing tools!

Inner Child Healing in London – I’m here to support you.

How Hypnotherapy can create real breakthroughs

By gently inviting relaxation of the physical body and the conscious mind (like a guided meditation process) which deepens the brainwaves states, allowing the bypassing the CCF analytical mind, hypnosis can easily facilitate communication with the subconscious mind to discover the root cause of problems.  After therapeutic intervention and re-framing, the conditioned habitual/fear based thought patterns can be cleared and more positive ideas introduced successfully. This can be a transformational process and really help you move forwards. According to cognitive neuroscientists, we are only conscious of about 5% of our cognitive activity. 95% of brain activity is beyond conscious awareness yet affects body functions, judgements, decisions, and actions. Equally certain emotions and behaviours that we often can’t rationalize and that are not alignment with our conscious goals, or can even sometimes even sabotage health!  I decided to train in Hypnotherapy after some fantastic breakthroughs.  I found it so fascinating and powerful and still do, every session. It helped me shift some blockages I couldn’t consciously resolve. I had no idea just how much traumatic experiences in my childhood and even past lives were affecting me!

What can I expect in a Hypnotherapy Session?

After a complimentary consultation call 20mins or so via phone/Facetime/Skype/Zoom etc we can explore what it is you’d like to work on and how many sessions you may need. I’ll ask you to complete a pre-session questionnaire (which frees up time in the first session allowing it to be more productive). All is shared in confidence in a safe space without judgement, to best help you. When you’re ready I’ll guide you into a relaxing safe state of ‘trance’ (reached often in daydreaming, for instance being ‘in the zone’, being on autopilot navigating familiar routes etc). For around 30mins (N.B. Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy  Session is 2hrs) we will work with your inner wisdom through the powerhouse and guide that is your subconscious mind (which has recorded everything and of course keeps your body functioning without reminders). You can still communicate by IMRs (finger signals) or some clients can still speak clearly enough. Your subconscious mind as your ‘protector’ will only take you where it wants to, nothing is ever forced.  I hold your hand, helping you along the way to transformation, encouraging you at each step of your journey.

Regression Therapy & Inner Child Healing  

Profound healing work can happen here as I help you to resolve issues and making you feel really safe to regress to childhood to send healing and re-frame traumas that may have resulted in fears, anxieties, self esteem issues, trust in self others and life etc.  Hypnotherapy is powerful work to help you get back firmly in the driving seat of your life leaving behind the sabotage, or extreme bewildering emotions that can arise when a wounded inner child is triggered and ‘freaks out’.  This is why we often see adults having ‘tantrums.’ This upset part of you can be like a sub-personality that feels stuck in time with the threat happening in real time. By offering more reassurance and love from the present moment than was available at the time and with this understanding and reframing, this part is happier and can be re-integrated. This liberating process sets you free from the fears, low self-esteem or habits and reactions you hadn’t been able to move past. Literally going back in time to rescue a younger you and freeing you up to live fully.

working with the super conscious field and communicating with your subconscious mind, always with respect and care.  It has faithfully recorded all your experiences, houses all your beliefs, memories etc  and decided most ideas about most big things in life by the age of 8!  It is driving you if there’s anything in conflict in the inner world – it knows what it wants help with. If you’re reading this you’re in safe hands.  I’ve worked with people with military PTSD, survivors of sexual abuse,  ‘London terror attacks’ and childhood abuse.  All had a major clearing of the daily discomfort of anxiety that had kept them suffering.

By safely working together and clearing anything that may be causing you to feel anxious both on an energetic level (where it is held in the body)and with resolution at a subconscious mind level you can feel at ease with a session of hypnotherapy for anxiety in London.  I have experienced great transformations in my clients and they enjoy more ease as all parts are more of a happy team with all self sabotage and inner critics less aggressive!

I am delighted to help you build your inner strength, confidence and better self esteem.  I can also offer a discount for 3 sessions and get you really resourced with simple, effective de-stressing tools. I can teach you how to manage your energy so you can stop feeling like you’re picking up everyone else’s stuff  and feel a stronger sense of clarity, get in touch with your intuition and embrace self care. 

We can re-programme in new behaviours and positive outlooks and goals.  You can continue to support yourself consciously – I may give you self care assignments 😉 

Sessions last around 2 hrs 

I look forward to helping you step into a happier you with a

Inner Child Healing London Session.

Contact me first for a free pre-session chat to answer any questions.

Telephone +44(0)7798524836