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I look forward to helping you step into a happier you with a


Sessions last around 2.5 hrs. 

Testimonial Anne Marie:

“I have had a couple of sessions with Nicole and find her to be outstanding and her sessions very effective. She has helped me address self sabotaging behaviours and has done hypnotherapy for anxiety with regression and sound healing for my PTSD and anxiety. She has a lovely calming manner and I feel so much better.



  Liberation from anxiety to happily live the life you want. 

 Gain self esteem, feel confident, Learn de-stressing tools!

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety in London – I’m here to support you.

Many of my clients have felt so much better after even just one Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Session in London.  I don’t believe in ‘managing anxiety’ I believe in working with you to clear things at root cause.  I will give you my best and have a brilliant toolkit of the latest Quantum techniques, now proven by science (Joe de Spenza, Bruce Lipton)  If you believe this is possible and giving yourself the permission to choose to be free of anxiety we will work together easily and you’ll be surprised by the results you can experience. 

Anxiety has many levels – from the monkey mind running amok and almost taking you hostage, to anxiety as a result of unprocessed trauma from the past.  It could be your system just trying to let you know something needs addressing perhaps an inner conflict.  Out conscious mind running the show with less than 5% of actual consciousness simply cannot have the answers we seek. 

I’m also highly trained in working with the Super Conscious field to boost the effectiveness of your sessions and work with you communicating safely with your Subconscious Mind, always with respect and care.  It has faithfully recorded all your experiences, houses all your beliefs, memories etc  and decided most ideas about most big things in life by the age of 8! 

It is driving you if there’s anything in conflict in the inner world – it knows what it wants help with. If you’re reading this you’re in safe hands.  I’ve worked with people with military PTSD, survivors of sexual abuse,  ‘London terror attacks’ and childhood abuse.  All had a major clearing of the daily discomfort of anxiety that had kept them suffering.

By safely working together and clearing anything that may be causing you to feel anxious both on an energetic level (where it is held in the body)and with resolution at a subconscious mind level you can feel at ease with a session of hypnotherapy for anxiety in London.  I have experienced great transformations in my clients and they enjoy more ease as all parts are more of a happy team with all self sabotage and inner critics less aggressive!

I am delighted to help you build your inner strength, confidence and better self esteem.  I can also offer a discount for 3 sessions and get you really resourced with simple, effective de-stressing tools. I can teach you how to manage your energy so you can stop feeling like you’re picking up everyone else’s stuff  and feel a stronger sense of clarity, get in touch with your intuition and embrace self care. 

Why Hypnotherapy Is effective for Anxiety.

Hypnotherapy is a very relaxing, effective way for you to understand your inner drivers and just like we upgrade our software, hypnotherapy can successfully upgrade, reframe and re-programme old beliefs or habits that no longer serve us and support us make positive changes in our lives.

The subconscious mind is our inner ‘power house’ and records everything –it favours the familiar, and can be open to receiving new ideas as we relax, allow the mind chatter to subside and our brain wave states deepen to alpha and theta. 

We can re-programme in new behaviours and positive outlooks and goals, even a resource ‘anchor’  (NLP practice to e.g. squeeze a finger and thumb together to call up positive feelings on demand.

You can continue to support yourself consciously – I may give you self care assignments as i teach energy management to Empaths (a game changer)  and a supporting mp3. 😉 

Sessions last around 2 hrs and include a relaxation mp3 recording to reinforce the new suggestions of ease after the clearing as the subconscious mind responds well to repetition.

I look forward to helping you step into a happier you with a

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety London Session.

Contact me first for a free pre-session chat to answer any questions.

Telephone 07798524836