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Have Your Magic Healing & Hypnotherapy Events offering workshops and events also corporate wellness events. Hypnotherapy talks, past life regression talks, sound healing events, gong bath, gong bath London, what is reiki, learn reiki workshops,
Hypnotherapy talks, past life regression talks, sound healing events, gong bath, gong bath London, what is reiki, learn reiki workshops,
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For dynamic, inspired-souls ready to step out of the endless Problem Solving Reality and re-orient into living in a Creative Structure to magnetise:

-More harmonious relationships,

-Living with purpose,

-Feeling happier,

-Being able to access The Superconscious.






  PROMPT START 7.30 -8.30 pm BST 


NB.  No Session Wednesday 7th April!

Now offered online. A high quality audio experience. Feel the good vibrations in your body and listen with headphones. You will need Google Chrome for it to launch. Book by 7.30 pm  UK time.

QUICK BOOK  – SEND £12 via Paypal to haveyourmagic@gmail.com   Thank you 

Sound healing is an ancient powerful healing method proven perfect for modern de-stressing. Deep relaxation amid beautiful soundscapes as brainwaves deepen to zen and the body releases tension, even blood quality improves! Excellent for inspiration, reducing anxiety/depression. Aids sound sleep. 

“Nicole’s gong baths are always a treat.  She guides you to breathe deep and has a soothing voice which makes it easy to relax. She gives positive suggestions amongst incredible soundscapes – relaxing, cosmic sounds from enchanting instruments. You can literally feel the good vibrations in your body I love it!” 

Kate Moss

Book by 7.30pm  please.  See  Paypal /Stripe  options  below:-

Direct booking Online Sound Healing Meditation

Learn Reiki

Perhaps you and a friend would like to invite more calm, wellness and ease into your lives, for the rest of your lives?

In an easy one day workshop as a Reiki Master, I teach you the principles and practice of this beautiful modality I’ve enjoyed practising since 2001. My lineage is Dr Usui Reiki. I,II & Master Levels with regular attunements.

I also teach you key techniques for grounding, energy cleansing and protection to be able to both work cleanly and maintain your optimal energy state. Reiki enables the practitioner to channel ‘Universal Life Force Energy’ through the hands bringing always positive results for any person, animal or plant!

Benefits can include stress relief, better circulation, healthier immunity and more inner peace. A life long gift that can help you and anyone you wish.

Have Your Magic Founder Nicole has offered de-stress solutions with:-