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Have Your Magic Healing & Hypnotherapy in the City of London to help you Overcome stress and anxiety with Hypnotherapy sessions, perform better with hypnotherapy, stop smoking with Hypnotherapy, resolve inexplicable fear with past life regression,
Overcome stress and anxiety with Hypnotherapy sessions, perform better with hypnotherapy, stop smoking with Hypnotherapy, resolve inexplicable fear with past life regression,
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Corporate Wellbeing Events

The HSE Reported that In 2017/18 stress, depression or anxiety accounted for 44% of all work-related ill health cases and 57% of all working days lost, due to ill health. A more holistic look at life is needed and fortunately, there are easy ways to boost health and happiness, that can be incorporated into daily life.

Have Your Magic Founder Nicole enjoys sharing wellbeing wisdom, is fully insured, qualified and  delighted and to offer tailored events to include de-stressing workshops, confidence resource tool takeaways and relaxing sound healing for corporate events at the work space or in a venue to suit your team’s needs. .

Some session ideas

A De-Stress Workshop

Restorative Gong Bath

Hypnotherapy for Confidence

Received comfortably seated.

I teach easy to learn self help tools, to cope better with stressful situations efficiently – powerful breathing and releasing exercises and EFT/ Tapping.

The techniques are easy to learn and do anywhere during one’s day and can be of immense help.

I can also introduce energy management, then demonstrate and teach simple, effective techniques, that can be incorporated into a daily routine to facilitate feeling more present, feeling better much more consistently and to avoid feeling drained. This is vital practice for empaths and sensitive types in very people oriented positions.

Tools to deal with nerves and best use of body language and how to support the voice to feel more confident in meetings or presentations without straining. I have classical singing and acting training and years of performing behind me.

Supporting take away material will be provided to reinforce the learning.

Received lying down or comfortably seated.

Gong  Baths can blitz negative mind chatter, to allow for deep relaxation into the alpha, even theta brain wave states – arising in meditation/ dream state, allowing healing to occur. This transition activates the parasympathetic nervous system to balance the over-amped, over-taxed sympathetic nervous system. Thus, it can have a profound effect on our immune, endocrine, cardiovascular and autonomic systems. 

A wonderful scientifically sound way to treat stress related issues.

I begin with a guided meditation to settle everyone into relaxation and then I work with a couple of  Gongs one handheld for surround sound experience, a crystal singing bowl and a collection of other instruments chosen for their ability to sound soothing and enchanting.I make sure everyone is grounded before departure. Hydration is a must. Avoid alcohol pre and post. Often people sleep very well after and feel benefits days later. Not recommended for ladies in first trimester of pregnancy.

Received lying down or comfortably seated.

Firstly, an introductory and reassuring talk – demystifying Hypnotherapy with interesting anecdotes. A member of the GHSC and GHR I am passionate about how Hypnotherapy offers huge resolution for internal and therefore external life changes by gently relaxing the conscious mind, to allow the wisdom of  the subconscious mind – our internal guide and protector. We actually easily reach states of Hypnosis/ gentle trance regularly in day-dreams, watching movies and so on. I’ve safely led many breakthroughs for my individual clients.

I then lead a Group Relaxation Session – Including Positive Suggestions, removing negative labels, old fears and stepping into a future goal achieved self.

Options to consider:

*Confidence  session with take away resource tool / anchor.

*Meeting a future self to feel more reassured in the present.

I can also offer a takeaway free Hypnotherapy Relaxation mp3.

 Today’s Lifestyle

Increased screen time is proving responsible for eye sight deterioration, attention deficit and more stress. Work does not have clear finish times and then shopping, online dating, even games to unwind are all done hunched over screens. The stress, comparison anxiety, insomnia and disconnectedness are starting to take their toll on society, as the screens keeps people in a more ‘fight or flight’, over stimulated mental state.

I believe modern living requires more paying attention to mind, body and spirit to survive the challenges of living in such an artificial environment. It is recognised that the ‘quick fixes’ of cigarettes, caffeine, sugar and alcohol do not really help and are proven to adversely affect our health.

I founded Have Your Magic Healing and Hypnotherapy to help people to be happier, as their best selves. I work as an integrative therapist with various modalities, to identify and liberate people from any past trauma and limiting beliefs, so they can live fully. I offer bespoke individual sessions offered in Central London clinics and am available online internationally. I enjoy hosting workshops, talks and regular events. These prove highly beneficial for people in this over stressed, digital age.