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Welcome to Have Your Magic Healing & Hypnotherapy, offering hypnotherapy, past life regression, energy healing, corporate wellness events, gong baths, reiki, learn reiki workshops, self development and spiritual development coaching to help you to achieve your goals, overcome past trauma and clear limitations from your life so you can realise your potential.
Healing, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Gong Baths London, Corporate Wellness, Access Bars, Access Energetic Facelift, Performance Coaching
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As a highly empathic and intuitive healer I help dynamic individuals like you step into their full power, and experience more ease and clarity. I do this by removing any blocks, negative beliefs, self sabotage and held past hurts. Also I  empower you to connect with the intuitive wisdom within enabling you to be brighter and lighter than ever before. 

If you’re ready to shine, let’s talk…

My Journey

I’ve lived a varied, challenging and international journey to empowerment. I know that my sensitivity, having learnt to manage my busy mind, my energy, create healthy boundaries and love myself all helped me to be my best self, a sensitive therapist understanding how to guide you to having your magic.

In 2001 Reiki was the first step onto this spiritual path that has continued to bring me joy. Even more since I stepped into my own power as a woman blessed with so much, and especially as I awakened to the connection to the incredible wisdom of both my subconscious, my higher self – the light within all of us, and just how much support there is for all of us.

I was guided to explore different healing modalities. I trained in those I found most effective.  I have been fortunate to have studied with some of the most renowned teachers, such as psychologist Dr. Keith Hearne, founder of The European College of Hypnotherapy, Doug Buckingham at CARA – both GHSC approved. I trained in IEMT with Matt Kendall who is an internationally recognised advocate of this powerful change work.  I have trained in Access Bars with the Access Consciousness institution and undertaken further studies in Ancestral Healing and developing my gifts with The School of Intuition and Healing. 

Prior to holding my own Sound Healing events I trained for three years in a weekly Sound Healing Circle – where we sent healing out to where it was needed. I did intensive training with Sheila Whittaker, gained a Diploma in Sound Healing and now have my own Gong, Crystal Singing Bowl, Drum, Kalimba and Tuning Forks. I am honoured to channel sound and play for you constantly amazed by its therapeutic power – now recognised by science.

Over the years of experiencing much joy in witnessing the breakthroughs after client sessions I’m confident in my ability to help you find a path to an overall sense of peace, more self-love, and the realisation of your full potential as your authentic self. 

I was invited with my Gong onto BBC Radio London by Jasmine Dotiwala for her show The Scene March 28th 2019 to highlight the benefits of a Gong Bath.