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How Hypnotherapy Can Help You


How Hypnotherapy Can Help You

``We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”
– Albert Einstein

How Hypnotherapy Can Bring You Positive Change

By gently relaxing the conscious mind (like a guided meditation process), hypnotherapy facilitates communication with the subconscious mind to offer it positive, therapeutic re-programming of conditioned habitual/fear based thought patterns. Helping you move forwards. We are only conscious of about 5% of our cognitive activity according to cognitive neuroscientists. 95% of brain activity is beyond conscious awareness yet affects judgements, decisions, actions, emotions and behaviours that we often can’t rationalise, that aren’t alignment with our conscious goals, or sometimes even sabotage health! Hypnotherapy can be hugely transformative. I decided to train in this, as I’d found it so fascinating and powerful. It helped me shift some blockages I couldn’t consciously resolve. I had no idea that experiences in my childhood and even past lives were affecting me!

What can I expect in a Hypnotherapy Session?

After a complimentary consultation call 20mins or so via phone/skype we can explore what it is you’d like to work on and if one or more sessions are needed. I’ll ask you to complete a pre-session questionnaire (which frees up time in the first session). All is shared in confidence in a safe space without judgement, to best help you. When you’re ready I’ll guide you into a relaxing safe state of ‘trance’ (reached often in daydreaming). For around 30mins (N.B. Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy  Session is 2hrs) we will work with your inner wisdom through the powerhouse and guide that is your subconscious mind (who has recorded everything and keeps your body functioning without reminders). You can still communicate and your subconscious mind as your protector will only take you where it wants to, this is what guides me to help you as and when needed it encouraging you each step of your journey.

Powerful Healing With Regression Therapy Inner Child Healing and Past life Regression

Profound healing work happens here as I help you to resolve issues as guided by your subconscious mind and making you feel really safe to regress to childhood to send healing and re-frame traumas that may have resulted in fears, anxieties, self esteem issues, trust in self others and life etc.  This is powerful work to help you get back firmly in the driving seat of your life leaving behind the sabotage that happens we often see adults having ‘tantrums’ – don’t we – it is their younger selves /inner child who is triggered and acts out.  This upset part of you can be like a sub-personality that feels stuck in time. More reassurance and love can be offered from the present than was available at the time and in sending love and understanding and this part is healed and can be re-integrated. This liberating process sets you free from the fears, low self-esteem or habits and reactions you hadn’t been able to move past. Literally going back in time to rescue a younger you reframe offering what you know now.

Past Life Regression can be the way to heal and be the reason behind more baffling problems inexplicable fears and sometimes physical pain from past life wounding and interesting connections between people. Clues can be instant dislike or feeling you’ve known someone forever!

E..g. a client couldn’t get over an ex even though his behaviour was toxic for her…her subconscious mind revealed  a past life where she’d been his sister and lovingly promised him he wouldn’t die to cheer him up. She’d carried the guilt that she couldn’t save him into this life where she couldn’t save him again (from alcoholism)  After the healing and self forgiveness and new vows made she’s now moved happily moved on with her life.

I’ve led many of these sessions and have received them along the way too I am glad to be able to make you feel really safe even hold your hand and allow you witness something on a movie screen / floating above the scene.

I work with my Higher Self and Guides and your Higher Self and Guides to ensure the session is for your highest good. I  love facilitating your empowerment and breakthroughs. As you feel happier, at ease, stronger and more capable then more of your desires can manifest.

Positive Reinforcement

To enhance positive programming for performance, confidence, and  also to remain a Non-Smoker a resource state can be created easily. In NLP this is often termed an ‘anchor’ Using just your fingers it is discreet and easily implemented in public situations (not just a middle finger lol) .

Is it possible to not wake up?

No. Hypnosis has been around in one form or another for thousands of years and there are no reported cases of anyone, ever becoming permanently hypnotised. At the end of the session I will gently count you back to the present moment and make sure you’re grounded, feeling refreshed and ready to for the rest of your day. Clients talk about feeling like they’ve had a lovely nap.

When will I see results and how many sessions are needed?

Some things maybe one session like treating a phobia.

Hypnotherapy is not a magic wand, we have free will and with the way we talk to and about ourselves has a massive effect. I believe the more we choose to be responsible for ourselves and have more awareness, the more we can create the changes we want.

Many of my clients like to book three sessions. I’ve often seen clients have beautiful breakthroughs through Hypnotherapy to overcome low self-esteem – we can journey to address self trust, deserving good things, trusting there’s a reason for you to be here and getting in touch with your  purpose.  Manifesting new opportunites and relationships  Overcoming anxiety that may have become a pattern,  or more confidence and overcoming stage fright. I offer special pricing to clients who book three sessions upfront.

A recording of the session can be made and sent to you as an mp3, which can be helpful for you to listen to and re-affirm the positive suggestions made.

Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy – One 2 hr session  £250 with positive reinforcement to keep you on track.

One stop smoking client was in a high profile /pressure celebrity management role:

“I don’t even think about it and if I do it feels like a weird distant past memory.”

We’ll work together to understand the core reason why you smoke e.g. loneliness, to be accepted, boredom and help re-programme that need as a thing of the past so that this change can be permanent. You’ll be given an anchor – resource state to support you you can do anywhere if triggered. The session is further strengthened with a personal reinforcement audio I’ll record and send  to you as an mp3.

Cigarettes are so  harmful and expensive – the investment in your health will free up your budget for other treats you’ll enjoy more instead!

Locations of Have Your Magic -Wellbeing Hypnotherapy Sessions

Have Your Magic -Wellbeing, Primrose Hill close to Chalk Farm Tube


Have Your Magic -Wellbeing in the City –  Token House Yard – Nr Bank Tube


Also in Nw6  Queens Park.  Some home visits are possible in NW London.

Monthly Wellbeing Events

Have Your Magic founder Nicole offers monthly  de-stressing Gong Baths with a guided relaxation in Camden and Kensal Rise – please see events.

I can tailor Hypnotherapy, De-stressing Techniques and Sound Healing for Corporate Wellbeing Events / as luxuriously nurturing Pamper Parties. I’ve provided Wellbeing Events at: BBC RadioLondon, Soho House, Getahead Festival and Gymbox.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post. I welcome your enquiry let’s discuss what breakthroughs you’d like help with. Contact me here.

Social Media 

Instagram @haveyourmagic

Twitter @haveyourmagic

Qualifications and Industry Bodies

It is important you trust the therapist you choose and feel comfortable. I trained with the European College of Hypnotherapy and hold a Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Diploma in Past Life Regression & Spirit Release Therapy  I’m a fully qualified and insured  member of the GHSC, CNHC, listed on the GHR,Hypnotherapy Directory and Central Register of Stop Smoking Therapists.

Other trainings – I’ve been a Reiki Master since 2003, I’m an EFT/Tapping Practitioner and teach his self help tool to my clients for more daily ease. Access Bars Practitioner since 2013  and Energetic Facelift Practitioner 2016.